Arranging & Composing

Transcriptions, Copyist Work, Music Notation Software Help

As a professional arranger and copyist, I am ready to meet you needs to create the perfect arrangement.  If you need a custom arrangement for your concert band or jazz band I can help fit it to your ensemble like a glove.

I am a seasoned user of several top music notation software products including Sibelius, Finale, MuseScore and StaffPad.  I am here to take your arrangements to the next level to make them ready for a session or to create professionally engraved notation that is ready to be published.

Please reach out to get a quote on your project.

Download a sample of previous work below.

Steve Morell Arranging Samples Various files showcasing work as a copyist, orchestrator, and arranger. Includes audio samples to correspond with the PDFs included. 33.6 MB